On the wave of growing success, in 1998 the Cooperative has realized within the Peschiera district, located in the green, an Agriturismo del Pesce, right in front of the capture facilities. The structure for its beauty, immediately attracts many people who, along a spectacular path, can reach what is now the Ittiturismo la Peschiera, a restaurant well known in the region.
The local grows and prospers in tandem with its fame until 2020 when, due to the global pandemic of Covid-19, is forced to close and move the outdoor service at the West Kiosk.
It is precisely the kiosk located at the entrance of the Cooperativa Pescatori Tortolì that bears witness to the famous ittiturismo, changing formula and dress,
The kitchen is always fish, with the delicious fresh local and not only.
But what captures the consensus of the thousands of guests a year are the thematic evenings, always several delicious and fun, the simple menu and the beauty of the seafront.

From 2020 you can find us at Chiosco di Ponente, click below.